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Production of Apparatuses and Facilities

The company Montpetrol, spol. s r. o. has its own production of stable compression vessels to unlimited dimensions. The company also provides construction of new installations, repair and general repair woks, remake and liquidation of operational accidents and damages. The company has an authorization for the production, construction and revision of reserved gas, pressure and electrical installations with an unlimited operational pressure. It provides construction and repair works of fiberglass pipes, and the production and installation of pipelines of unlimited dimensions. The company also has an authorization for building and facilities design for mining activity.


Purpose: Wall tank serves for the purpose of the preparation and storage of working liquids used during underground reparation works of probes.


Purpose: Methanol feed unit serves for the purpose of dozing (feeding) the methanol into the probes arm, avoiding a creation of hydrates during works with the probe. Sprayed methanol from methanol feed unit is led by impulse pipe to the probes arm. The feed unit is primarily designed for probes without access to the electrical network.


Purposel: Desulfurization column DN1600 is designed to lower the concentration of H2S content in natural gas before its expedition to the public distribution gas pipeline network. For this purpose, the apparatus is equipped with a working filling and essential equipment.


Purpose: Drips create an integral part of the mining technology complex and are designed for the primary containment of mechanical dirt, free water and liquid phase of higher hydrocarbons in the mining process and follow-up technological processing of natural gas.


Purpose: Separator 2451-T18 is used for the separation of liquid petrol that is expelled to the separator together with circulation gas.


Purpose: Cyclone separator DN300 PN16 is used for the early removal of liquid components (hydrocarbons, bearing water) or potential mechanical dirt from the natural gas stream.


Purpose: Filter separator is designed for separating small mechanical dirt and liquid from the natural gas stream in a technological process.


Purpose: Boiler K-01 is used for indirect heating to raise the temperature of a flowing medium (oil or natural gas) before further technological processing in oil and natural gas mining.


Purpose: Degasser with a catch basin is used in a process of recovery and abrasion of probes for removing of gas residues.

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