PZP Dambořice

Project Description

The purpose of construction was the building of a new underground gas storage structure and implementation of aboveground technology – construction of PZP Dambořice.

The complex operates on two basic regimes – injection and extraction of gas. Central PZP area is connected to an existing delivery gas pipeline and injection-collection probes designed for storage of gas in an underground reservoir.

One mode of operation is the collection of gas from the pipeline and its compression for the purpose of storage in the underground structure. The subject of this part is to build-up a technology for injection of gas with guaranteed injection rate of a 220 bar. The injection rate is ensured by three piston compressor units with gas combustion drives, each one with a flow capacity of 2,5 mil. M3/day and two compressor scales.

Second mode of operation comprises of the supply (mining) of gas from the storage structure towards the pipeline. The subject of this part is the treatment of gas produced from the underground storage structure and its delivery to a distribution network. The treatment of gas mainly consists of pressure and flow regulation and reduction of hydrocarbon and water content to normalized levels.

The treatment of gas to required qualitative parameters is ensured by two parallel technological drying lines, each one with capacity of a 4 mil. m3/day.

Beginning of the ProjectMay 21st, 2014

End of the ProjectJune 1st, 2016

Type of Project Underground Gas Storage

The subject of the project was the following operation units:

  • PS 21 Compressor Plant
  • PS 22 Pipelines
  • PS 23 Gas drying technology I.
  • PS 24 Gas drying technology II.
  • PS25 Warehousing + filling station
  • PS32 Compressed Air System

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