Company Montpetrol, spol. s r.o. Lužice and Montpetrol Slovakia, s.r.o. (subsidiary Montpetrol, spol. s r.o.) operate throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic, where they cooperate with gas, oil, and construction companies, such as:

in the Czech Republic:

  • RWE Gas Storage s.r.o. Praha
  • NET4GAS s.r.o. Praha
  • UNIGEO a.s. Ostrava
  • MND a.s. Hodonín
  • LAMA GAS & OIL s.r.o. Hodonín and others

in Slovakia:

  • NAFTA a.s.
  • SPP Bratislava
  • PSJ Hydrotranzit a.s. Bratislava
  • ZIPP s.r.o. Bratislava and others

Montpetrol has experience not only in the installation of new equipment, but also in repairs, general repairs, refurbishing, and also inthe disposal of operational accidents. We also manufacture stable pressure vessels. The company owns permission for the manufacture, installation, and repair of specialty gas and pressure equipment with operation pressure without restrictions.

We provide installation of gas pipelines and steel pipelines without limitation to the size and pressure.